There has been an urgent refrain that has been echoing through every election cycle since 1980, when the reelection of the most disastrous administration (at that time) in history was front and center. Almost every election since then has been fraught with dire warnings of “this being the most important election of our lifetime.” The unfortunate truth is that these warnings have all been real and accurate. Now in 2021, Virginia faces an election that may have already been decided by democrat crime bosses that have taken over the election process in democrat strongholds as well as all levels of government. They are not looking to simply win elections. They are pushing to slam the door shut on any free, honest and clean elections that would remove them from power and proclaim total and complete one-party rule. Just like any socialist, communist, Marxists movement around the world have done since, forever. Once they seize power, they will not allow for any other voice, candidate or vote get in the way of complete rule. In our nation, they already have done this in California, Philadelphia, Chicago and now, as as have witnessed in the election fraud tragedy of the 2020 election, they have extended their corruption to our national elections.

In Virginia, we have endured terrible left-wing edicts that has placed our livelihoods, our rights, and our children at risk. We now have codified a rigged election process in place which will impact all future elections. The question is, can it still be beaten? The RVP have very compelling, attractive and strong candidates for this election in Glen Youngkin-Governor, Winsome Sears – Lt. Governor and Jason Miyares- Attorney General. The democrats have violent mobs, soaring gas prices, a massive border crisis, a crippled economy and sophisticated voting fraud operations. But if no one can win because of Dominion voting fraud machines, illegal ballot dumps, the unchecked fraud embedded in the mail in ballots and ballot harvesting process, then what can we do?

The RVP candidates know all of this. They have all have spent considerable time and resources to counter the fraud in meaningful ways. They have a vested interest in making sure our elections are clean and honest both personally and as Americans. But whatever counter measures they can employ which may still work now, may not work in the future, if the democrats are allowed to keep power after the 2021 and 2022 elections.

It is critical that we all take a strong and active role to disrupt voting fraud operations by becoming election officers and being trained to recognized the voting fraud in real time. Thankfully, there’s training to deal with democrat operatives who will be looking to neutralize efforts to wreak havoc on their voter fraud efforts and effectively counter their tactics. It is now or never for our state and for our nation. It is time to rise and be counted on to stop these criminal operations that threaten to end America as a free and good nation. With no honest elections there can be no Virginia…no America. It is time for you and I to get into this election and help the good candidates. But it is no longer enough to help good candidates with yard signs or door knocking when they can win the majority of legal votes and still lose. Votes don’t matter if the ones doing the counting are not honest. WE must be in there with the counters when the counting is being done. Contact your local Republican party or your friendly neighborhood tea party. They’ll help you in this process and ensure you become effective in working the polls. They will help you become one of the essential members in the army of the willing. We have to finish this by doing our part to make sure that only the honest and clean votes are counted. If illegal votes are allowed to determine the outcome of this election, If we lose this one, we lose the state and our nation forever.

With Resolve and Goodwill,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party