We have been the good people. The quiet ones. The forgotten Americans. The ones that America’s enemies worry about the most and most always dearly want to destroy. We are the heirs to those who fought to bring about a nation so conceived in liberty. Many of us are the winter warriors that have long ago entered the winter of their own lives. WE are the living witnesses to what has been lost and are the vanguards to restoring the rights and freedoms that has been under constant assault and destroyed. We are the remnants of the believers in the constitutional Republic. We are the pebbles that threaten to spark the landslide that will bury the enemies of our nation.

It remains central to the enemies of the Republic that we remain fragmented and at odds with one another. Any fission among the freedom groups needs to be mitigated and reversed. WE start with one another. The low-lying fruit remains us. Let’s meet with another. Attend the events that good groups are sponsoring. Attend and support the campaign events. The tea party supports any and all natural allies. WE begin here. This closing of ranks among like-minded groups has already been in the works for several years. The good news is that WE are strong and united. What we are looking to do is to help all groups and individuals to oversee this upcoming election and make it as difficult as possible for the voting fraud operations to be successful in destroying clean and honest elections. Join with the campaigns, the GOP, or the local tea parties to be a part of making sure the elections here are honest and clean as poll workers and election officers. Contact us. If we have a clean election in Virginia, the Democrats will lose in a landslide across the board. They have inflicted terrible damage to all of us and now are directly threatening our children. They lost in a landslide in 2020, but you as you can see, Voter fraud can perform amazing miracles.

Let the pebbles begin to roll and make a Virginia landslide booting out the most radical and fascistic movements that is the Democrat party in Virginia, one for the history books. Let’s begin that landslide here in hopes that it will spread across the nation next year and in 2024. Let the landslide begin and let it begin now. Let those freedom pebbles roll as a landslide across Virginia and across the nation. Join the army of the willing now! Contact the local GOP party, the local tea party. Contact us! You can still be trained to be well armed to handle the vote fraud operators and deal a death blow to the left-wing fascist threatening our state and our nation. We can do this, but it has to be now and it has to be you!

With Resolve and Hope,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party