It was just a year ago, we faced the very real prospect of becoming a one-party rule state. Knowing that this was our last shot at saving Va., we went all in, and against all odds, we beat the party of crime and insanity. It was a year ago that freedom groups and good people gathered together to somehow win in a rigged election process that the radical democrats had codified into law. It is without a doubt that the strong working relationship between these natural allies and their coordinating of all the new people coming in to help save the vote, was critical in saving our state. The flood of new people was coordinated between these diverse groups and they were able to cobble together a system that allowed for coordination of training, workshops and special events with costs and logistical support frequently being shared by many of the groups. And they did all of this working together. Now a year later, what has become of the coalitions and all the new people that stepped up to save Virginia?

It is with great pride and hope that I can report that the coalition not only remains intact but is stronger than ever. Nothing like a good victory to motivate and to demonstrate a winning formula for success. And our winning formula is a united front and attack on all fronts. The left will always weld an obscene advantage in terms of dirty money, influence from culture and media and in the indoctrination halls of education, so all we have left is one another. And last year, that was just enough. That, and the real threat that the left posed to our lives and the lives of our school age children, spurred that sense of urgency to bring out countless people who never were engaged in politics before to get on that political battlefield. It is hoped that those new people will remain engaged and that the experienced and reliable political war horses who gave up hope for ballot box success, they’ll return to the battlefield with renewed hope after witnessing last year’s election miracle.

So now a year later, we now do know what works and what needs to be done. We tasted victory as a result of really hard work. But despite the sweep, the good change won’t happen with the State Senate firmly in control by radical and dangerous Democrats who continue to double down on retaining their destructive policies. They voted in unison to block any and all legislation from the recently purged House to undo their legislative damage. They still have another year of destructive obstruction. Meanwhile, we should continue to surge in cleaning the halls of our government this year and purge Congress of as many of these left-wing crazies as we can. Some really bad people have been allowed to stay in power far too long with some serious consequence to “We the People”. So, it is up to you to keep up and keep engaged. We will do our part to keep the intel coming through our emails, special alerts and this newsletter. We also have our very popular Spot of Tea and Splash of Tea broadcasts which we will now produce weekly and be posted on our web site and Facebook page as well as platforms that still support freedom of speech (like Rumble,). We hope we can keep up and provide timely and crucial information on what is happening in our own backyard as well as on the national stage. And we now will provide weekly shows to keep up and keep connected with you. Through all of this, The Virginia Tea Party has been front and center in promoting and encouraging the coalitions and the individual groups to prosper and have impact and we will continue to do so. It is time to surge and purge!

With Resolve,
Nelson Velez