So as the smoke clears on the 2022 legislative session, we can now assess the state of things in Virginia. We have been in the battle of the ages. It has all really been about the basic things of life. Its been about restoring rule of law, rights, and sanity back to Virginia. It has been about our last best chance to deliver Va. from the left wing horror show that has plague all of us the last 2 years, in particular. For the radical left, their legacy is one of sky rocketing taxes, fees and medical costs. They have declared war on our energy and as a result, our energy costs are crippling our very lives. They have declared war on law enforcement and so, not surprisingly, lawlessness are surging to record levels. They have brazenly targeted our children’s education and as a result, test scores are collapsing all the while, racism is surging as they imposed the toxic CRT on our children. Our children are miserable, confused and depressed and any parent who objects to any of this is threatened to be reported to the FBI and other corrupt agencies by the school board. And now at the end of the 2022 legislative session, we witness that much of the good bills issued out of the House to undo the damage that the left inflicted on Va. was block by the obstructionist democrat wall in the Senate.

SO this is the legacy of the radical left in Va. Any sane party would move heaven and earth to mitigate this damage to stay in power in hopes of short memories by the voters. They were resoundingly defeated last November, and this loss came with all the advantages that the left enjoys from endless dirty money, to favorable reporting by the corrupt media, to voter fraud operations. Now only the Senate remains tenuously in the hands of the radical left. So a sane bunch would look to self preservation. They would know that their policies inflicted great harm. They would also clearly know that when they went after the children in the classroom, that a backlash would follow. So it would be reasonable to expect that they would vote to undo the damage. But these crazy radicals remain so arrogant that they erected a wall with their majority in the Senate to block all legislation aimed at undoing their policies. The left would make you believe that they don’t believe in walls, but in this case, they shamelessly embraced a wall to prevent their bad stuff from being purged from the our lives. They doubled down. First, they imposed bad laws on us and then blocked efforts to remove their radical policies. The radical democrats in the senate all united as a barrier wall that prevented good stuff passed in the House from being enacted.

This willful disregard of the voters actually makes our voting decisions clean. The left’s voting record is consistently toxic and they remain in opposition to we the people. It is clear that they are not responsive to the people and that they serve a different master. The election is not as rigged as last year although favorable conditions for voter fraud like extended voting, no voter ID, and ballot harvesting remain in play. WE did overcome this rigged process before and we must do it again. One more time into the breach to purge a left wing movement that is more about control and nihilism than what is good and proper. We need to vote the left out of power. Once the Senate is cleared of their power, we can begin to purge our state of their destructive madness. Once more, we must flood the voting precincts with poll watchers and election officers to mitigate the voting fraud and take back the senate so that we finally can tear down their wall and allow the good bills to flow freely. I look forward to the day that we clean out the swamp of all the terrible left wing radical legislation, but 1st that democrat senate wall must come tumbling down. And it is our job, you and me, to make sure that happens this November.

With Absolute Resolve,

Nelson Velez