You know you have entered a strange alternate universe when Canada leads a freedom movement in defiance of their “benevolent” government masters. To be sure, we have not been under the jack footed excesses of socialism or its soft pedaling of fascism in the name of some beloved meme for decades like Canada, but the Canadian truckers are the canaries in the mine shaft and they’re ringing the alarm that things have gone extreme toxic with their socialist masters. They are finally chafing under the extreme lock down measures and the shutdown of freedom and rights. The abuse of power has reached near fatal levels. The real fear for the Trudeau government is not the Chinese Wuhan Virus. No. It is the much more virulent and transmissible virus known as freedom. This is why the Biden gang is already making plans to deal with this freedom variant in a serious and coordinated way.

So, freedom has no borders. Which is why Biden is unleashing his troops of suppression before anyone has any ideas in the U.S. of A. The Virginia Tea Party supports any and all freedom movements that advance the tenets of our Constitution and the American way of life. So, if it be by trucker or by train or by carload caravan, we support any and all who would counter the forces that threaten freedom and all of our rights.

In Virginia, we have unleashed the backlash, thankfully eliminating power from the extreme left from the executive branch and purged the radicals from the House. So, the good fruits of that labor have already been blossoming. The purging phase is now in progress and we need all good people to be engaged to finish the job. The Virginia Tea Party remains front and center on the battlefield. We need you. Through our Direct Legislative Action (DLA), we will supply the info of the status of the good bills undoing the damage by the terrible legislation passed by the left. Please look them over. Don’t automatically delete. It is time to finish them. The left has done terrible damage and they never sleep and they never go away. Watch your emails from us and stay the course and stay engage.

With Resolve,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party