Information on a lot of the Jan 6th political prisoners here

Below is information on the SEVEN Jan 6th political prisoners being held in Warsaw that we are aware of currently. Please be in prayer for these men and their families.

Albuquerque Head, father of 3 girls ages 9, 2, 1. Sole breadwinner for the family. Court date postponed until Jan 22nd. Wife and mother of his children is afraid they will not be able to keep their home as it is hard for her to work with the 2 babies.

Robert Morss – Army Ranger, served 3 tours in Afghanistan. Was denied bail specifically because of his “military training,” per the judge. By the time his court date comes he will have served 14 months in prison. Was recently moved in the Warsaw jail to a new (and safer) bloc for good behavior and for working specific jobs.

Geoffrey Sills – denied bail despite clean record. Home raided by FBI SWAT team and produced a BLANK search warrant

Kyle Young – father of 4, needing funds to help his family remain in their home and pay for mounting legal defense and pay for food for him. He faces 12 charges. Kyle lost 17 pounds the first month and a half of his incarceration. Kyle’s wife updated on Dec 22nd that she faces losing her job over forced vaccinations OR pay for a covid test each week out of pocket.

Nicholas Languerand – young man from Vermont. Being viciously defamed by the media in their area. Having a very hard time finding legal counsel. Pleading guilty though he is not guilty of any changes against him. Also seeking a defamation attorney

Chris Quaglin – Has Celiac disease, makes it very hard to eat and find food, each time he is moves he loses his commissary $$. There is an incredible about of information about this man and his family on the site. He has a baby at home. He has been moved around so many times it is hard to count. The family believes they move him once he requests dietary accommodations for his Celiac disease which he was diagnosed with at age 10.

Ronnie Presley – Jan 12th court date