Republican Representatives,

Last November’s election was a citizen’s call for a return to a true Constitutional government with less authoritarian control over our rights and liberties…. destructive policies and socialist legislation. This is a citizen’s call for effective State Republican Party and, from the core members of the legislative body along with moderate western State Democrats, to heed our citizens warning and demands to remove with expedience the Socialist legislation that the Marxist State Democrats legislators and Executive oligarchy rulers have jammed down the throat of We the Virginia citizens!

This General Assembly in 2022 is a call to Action:

Swiftly ensure Voter Integrity in our election process by ensuring ID identification, remove the mail-in vote and tighten up the requirements for Absentee voting, stop the 45-day vote window and ensure oversight at the ballot box. Cleanup the voter rolls. Take notice of legislation that Texas, Georgia, and Arizona have enacted to ensure vote integrity.

Stop the Education CRT Marxism agenda and return to the core educational learning and allow parents to use tax dollars for school of choice. Sole use of Government schools is not freedom of choice! Gut the VDOE of the Marxists. We must have education of the three R’s and science, math, technology not a cultural revolution of indoctrination to move our youth to overthrow the Constitutional Republic in years to come.

Stop the Climate Change, Green Energy legislation and ensure Virginia has fossil fuel and nuclear energy for our state energy needs. Carbon dioxide is not pollution and we must not submit to the total lie of the Globalists to undermine our sovereignty and energy needs for the state. Solar and wind cannot supply our grid requirements. Solar and wind should remain at the citizens and businesses level to offset costs, not at the grid level. Let the consumer move into alternative energy, not government mandates and forced legislation and policies. Revamp or dissolve the agencies that push the foolish Green Energy environmental agendas.

Gut VDOT of mismanagement and get a management that will fix the existing roadways using ALL the gas tax for improvements and expansion. Fix the secondary roads and highways.
Virginia needs to institute a shakedown of VDOT where needed and fully fund sound policies and maintain adequate oversight of the road improvement contracts.

Reduce and remove Regulations that impede citizens ability to start businesses and impede existing businesses.

Revamp the tax rates and remove the excess taxation. Taxes are not to be used for socialist agendas, the constitution is the blueprint of sound spending policies. Stay within the budget and stop expanding unnecessary state government and agencies. Live on a sound budget like the citizens. We are NOT Socialists!

Health care must be on a sound footing and properly enforced. There are needs of the citizens that the government must sometimes step in to assist. However, be cautious and involve the Healthcare doctors and Healthcare Givers, seeking best for patients and taxpayers, improving life and reducing excessive burdens.

Support Law Enforcement and allow the Sheriffs and Police to enforce the law! Law Enforcement MUST be supported to stop the crime and criminal elements, including BLM and Antifia. Remove any radical prosecutor or judge who pushes this radical Marxist and cultural revolution agenda to weaken our laws.

Take immediate action to remove any illegal aliens that have crossed into Virginia borders, this is a matter of sovereignty and the undue pressure and costs on our Schools, LE, Healthcare, and Voter Integrity. There is a process to become a U.S. citizen and this is not it, this is an invasion and our representatives must take action.

Stop the Covid mandates and enact policies found in Florida and other southern states that rebuff the Biden Administration of its authoritarian control over the citizens and divide us into groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated. Use of Oppression and Communist like tactics must not stand.

This is the window of opportunity to bring the Virginia government back in line with the Framers vision of true Constitutional state government and defeat the attack on us by the Socialist oligarchs and threatening Marxist agenda. If you fail… Patriot citizens will be forced to act…

State government, along with the federal government have added too many agencies, programs, and laws over the years to weaken the citizens freedom, cause over burdening laws and policies, and it must end now! This legislative body is a representative body and its duty is to provide limited government and serve the requirements of the citizens. It never should be used for power, money, and influence for self-gain and oppression over the citizens.

Our Constitutional Republic, even our state, is under attack by fellow citizens and politicians, who have abandoned the Constitution, abandoned One Nation under God, and abandoned American values. Some for a Marxist controlled government of oligarchs, some for power, self-gain, and influence, some just fools buying into the Utopian state…Others also – outsiders, globalists, technocrats, enemies abroad seek our destruction. Rights and Liberties of the citizens that will be lost and never to return. A destruction of our Constitutional Republic. The THREAT is real and internal and external……For the State of Virginia, you Representatives are the line-in-the-sand to throw off the oppressive laws and policies that have and are threatening the Virginia citizens. Return to the citizens of Virginia, a State Constitutional government of, by, and for the people…if you fail in the endeavor then citizens will have no choice, another radical course of action, they MUST rise up in a civil disobedience and at all costs preserve the liberties and freedom of our children and grandchildren…and they will with extreme actions. In my lifetime, I have traveled in many countries and to many locations, these are places in the world where most do not travel, I have seen oppression and poverty, entered countries of dictatorships and communist controlled countries, entered the countries of Islamic Jihadists radicals… It will change you, It will give you an insight of how blessed you are as an American and why I write these emails to you politicians to take action now. I beg you to stand up for freedom and liberty, stand up for the Constitution, stand up for your families and neighbors, stand up against all those who threaten our state and nation.

Gordon Hallock
Hanover County, Virginia