All you good people take a bow. As a result of your hard work and resolve, a new Virginia government now is in place (except for those left-wing radicals in the Senate, but their time is coming). We overcame the stacked barriers to clean and honest elections constructed and imposed by the left and corrupt media coverage, and saved our state and just maybe, saved our Republic. We showed the nation that good guys can still win and this is how it’s done. This effort was our last stand. If the outcome went badly, then many of even the most hardened winter warriors would have given up. In the past, at this point, we usually go home breathing a sigh of relief. But the damage inflicted by the left-wing crazies was deep and consequential. We can’t go home. We need to finish the job. Now.

Gov. Glen Youngkin handled the crucible of a corrupt media with good cheer, but they will continue to be a threat especially since he looks very good as a leader and promises to be effective. Remember Rob McDonnell, who was a rising star in the GOP. He was even given the honor to present the opposing voice to Obama’s State of the Union. He was trashed with trumped up charges that were thrown out of court due to no crime being committed. But the media coverage was brutal. The Obama weaponized Justice Dept. destroyed a decent man who could have been a threat to the left. They made sure that he was DOA before he even got to the national stage.

This quick look back is just to remind everyone, that in profound ways, the media is the enemy of the American people. They are just chomping at the bit to tear into Youngkin and his supporters. Remember the recent snow fiasco? They just couldn’t even wait to blame Youngkin attacking him on the lack of preparation and he was not even in office. That is why we need to stay engaged and to present resolutions to our representatives to help undo all the damage the left has inflicted to our state.

The Virginia Tea Party has put together an innovative way to go on the offense. We can offset the damage of the corrupt media coverage by engaging our representatives and pressing for good bills and to demanding removal of the bad legislation that has been passed. The more voices for positive bills, the less impact the media has to hold sway. The Direct Legislative Action Initiative places power front and center with the people. The grassroots now can take the initiative and push legislation of their own creation. This is the best way to get things we want done. It is how the left got their horror show of bills through. They wrote a lot of it. We can help with the crafting and guiding along the process. Feel free to contact us for support on this. Start now while we have time to do a good job for next year’s legislative package. We also crafted legislative guidelines for you as a good starting point to present to your representatives 1 on 1 right now. These guidelines have been sent out to you this past week by email. It is also attached to our newsletter. You can customize these guidelines to serve your particular issues of choice.

You are not alone. Working together makes it easier and doable. Contact us at We have to support our delegates and senators now as well as Gov. Youngkin. They will be under intense pressure by the left and it is up to us to support good initiatives and take an active role. It will make it that much easier to govern with our consent and make it harder for the media to attack action that appears to enjoy a strong support by the people.

With Resolve,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party