We won a great victory in November. The odds were stacked against us with the voting fraud conditions favorable for the democrats and with many good people demoralized and questioning the very integrity of our vote in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Not only were we fighting for restoring some semblance of sanity and lawfulness in Virginia, but the fate of the nation seemed to hinge intimately on the results of this election. So, we overcame all the odds and won! We reaffirmed that Americans can still overcome almost anything if we unite and do the work. But after the battle’s won, we go home and back to our lives. The war is over, right.
Isn’t it?

Going home and finally being done with it is what normal people do. It is what we do. But the extreme radicals that infested our capital for years have done great damage and that grave harm must be undone quickly. The party of voter fraud, of rioting and destroying our historical art, statues, our true past, the party of looters, arsonist, cop killers and killers of unborn Americans, they stay on the battlefield. They never go home. Their agenda is one reason why this party must be crushed. They are dangerous. They will not stop. Ever. They suffered wounds last election, and like any wounded beast, they are more dangerous than ever.

What can be done? The united front we embraced in winning the last November, must continue. But now, we finish it. The winning pathway is through legislation and, though the bad guys still control the Senate, for now, we can force their hand by submitting good legislation. We can force the democrats to vote against it putting their re-election at risk or to vote for it in an effort to survive the electoral purge that may be coming in 2022. So our job in all this is to establish and maintain contact with our local GOP leadership, maybe join a tea party or start one, we can help. Reach out and get to know the natural allies that helped defeat the democrats. All of us remain together and united in all this and nothing is better at solidifying coalitions than winning. Join the effort to finish the job. Contacting VATP would be a good start and we are here for you, because it is Game On! Time to finish the job and slay that left wing beast.

With Resolve and Good Cheer,
Nelson Velez