Yes, Virginia, we still have a Republic. From Friday September 17th 2021 thru Nov. 2nd 2021, we rose and fought for it. WE signed up in record numbers to be poll watchers and election officers to ensure a clean election at least at the ballot box. We showed up to ensure voter fraud did not determine the outcome of this election and we did so for the longest voting day in history lasting 45 days instead of the one day for the vote as prescribed in our Constitution. WE overcame voter fraud and that hopeless sense of rigged elections and voted out the party that more resembles a criminal syndicate than a once proud American political party. WE purged the crazy lunatics, the perverts and the criminal movement out of Richmond and ushered in sanity and law and order as the prevailing guiding light for governance. It is now time to undo the terrible damage inflicted on our state by the radicals of the democrat party and quickly. Yes, Virginia, we still have a Republic. Now, we face the question of the ages, can we keep it?

WE now move to cleanse our governance of the fascistic tendency it has shown in recent years and the extreme legislation that threatens our freedom and rights, undermines voter integrity, as well as those laws that threaten the welfare and wellbeing of our children. WE now look to contact our legislators by phone, email, letters. We do this individually or by groups. The tea party is spear heading efforts to influence our representatives to support sane and good legislation and remove the bad. But we are not alone in this. Contact your local tea party, GOP, Family Foundation, Middle Resolution, VCDL, parental rights groups and faith-based groups and enlist their help or encourage their involvement in this fight. WE are all under the same gun and we need to support a return to a sane and stable Virginia. WE are not alone, so we should act in solidarity and in unison. WE are more effective and formidable when we act in concert. WE already have coalitions working together. We are in a strong position. Winning helps.

On November 2nd 2021, we made history that not only saved our state, but has strong implications for our nation. The election result was an earthquake whose aftershocks shook the nation. Last Saturday, the Virginia Tea Party sponsored our Firewall for Freedom Summit. It was inspiration in motion. It was good to witness good people celebrating good outcomes. It was a gathering of natural allies united and strong. We surveyed the new political and cultural landscape with the intent to roll out action plans. For those who missed it, we will have the Firewall for Freedom Summit video available soon at our website and other platforms like rumble, Facebook…The speakers were strong with solutions which they have actually been a successful part of. We can keep connected in this way. Please keep in touch and be engaged. We now clean up the toxic mess that the radicals left for us, but this crucial task is best done in unison. So check your emails, Facebook, rumble and our web site and be prepared to be an effective part of the army of the willing.

With Faith & Resolve,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party