Where are we? What has happened to our Republic? What has happened to the Americans whose very nature would easily crush this full throttle war on our Republic?

Can you still recognize our country? Are your fellow Americans still the people that once were free and brave? Can we still overcome the corruption, intimidation, violence, and insanity that has become the driving force behind the democrat party? Does it seem to you that this is the way they are destroying our nation? It’s raw. It’s visceral. It’s dark. And it seems to be always working.

It is important that we consider where we are as a people. Now. It is critical that we decide whether to resist and defeat these dark forces or surrender. Now.

The upcoming election results will cause us to launch once again to deal with the immediate threat of yet another election aftermath, but the fundamental threat and ideology does not change ever. It is the dark fundamental roots that drive the left. It is totalitarian, it is Marxist, it is un-American. It is fascist in its intolerance and destructive bent. It will not go away and it will not be appeased. Giving in will only embolden and deepen its nihilistic hunger for more. Do we stand and fight or lie down and surrender?

As for me, I know that surrender will not save me or our way of life. So, I choose to fight and go down inflicting as much pain and suffering on the enemy as possible. WE can only win if we fight and not submit to the growing fascism that the left has comfortably embraced.

As for all the good people that are suffering under the assault by the left, my hope is that we come together, close ranks and we deliver a brutal backlash to the left. A gathering of all the good groups and people will give us a spirit of unity and protection. It will also make us formidable. We need to look at protecting the freedoms now and for generations to come. We need sanctuary. We need freedom zones. We need to join in building that firewall for freedom.

On November 13th, the Virginia Tea Party will sponsor the Fire Wall for Freedom Summit. It is there that the beginning spark flickers in a meaningful way. It is a spark that I hope will grow to a raging blaze for our sakes and the sake of all who come after us. This Summit will bring tea parties around the state together, but it will also bring those natural allies that we have united with and with whom we have formed alliances. This Summit we begin the task of restoring our republic. Regardless of the outcome of this critical election, we look to remain strong. We look to remain standing. We look to remain resolute. We look to push the darkness that has engulfed our nation ushered by menacing leftward winds into that cesspool from whence it came. It is with lasting hope that our goodness, unity and spirit will still overcome the left’s hatred, violence, intolerance, and insanity that has dominated our nation for far too long. Join us on Nov. 13, 2021 at our Firewall For Freedom Summit as we continue in the noble task of building that wall to defeat the fire that is consuming all that is precious and good in America.

Firewall For Freedom Summit
November 13 on Saturday
10:00 to 3:00
Sheraton Richmond Airport Hotel
5501 Eubank Rd, Sandston, Virginia 23150

With Resolve & Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party