The Good in the Cross Hairs of the Mob

What if a respectable American party finds itself taken over by criminals? What if the criminals were able to purge that party of any good and decent people through ruthless and relentless effort over several decades? What if that criminal syndicate, in order to keep power, becomes increasingly reliant on criminal means of rigging elections? What would happen?

We now see what that would look like in America. Criminals would become increasingly bolder and more openly violent. Law enforcement would be increasingly compromised as they are ordered to stand down in the face of violent criminal acts and lawlessness. The looting, the attacks on innocent people, the spilling of American blood, the attacks on police, the taking over of large swaths of communities, the destruction of our history as historic monuments, works of art, memorials and icons symbolizing the great heritage of our nation, would be not only condoned but celebrated by this growing left wing criminal culture. It is here that the analogy to criminals breaks down. For criminals are not motivated to destroy America and her greatness. It doesn’t help them if the nation isn’t prosperous or collapsing. The criminal syndicate that has become the Democrat Party is so much worse for they are hell bent in the destruction of our Republic. As the Obamas proclaimed long ago. We want to change our traditions, our history, our language …they never had to explain why or what they wanted us to change to. Now we know. The mob has taken off their masks which would only be done under one condition. They believe they have already won.

Regardless of how this tragedy plays out for our nation, it is here in Virginia that the end game to all of us, fully begins. It is fitting, for it is here where this nation began. Our nation is in the balance and the whole world is watching. Our election has historic meaning to Virginia and America.

Out of 49 states, only 2 have elections this year. Out of the 2, only one has any real meaning. New Jersey has no meaningful opposition to the one-party rule in that corrupt state. The mob is in firm control. Virginia still has a fighting chance to throw off the specter of one-party rule and purge itself of the criminal and fascistic direction that Democrats have taken us. It will be a very difficult task. What would be the 1st thing a criminal does if they had control of a society. They would change the laws so that the criminal acts would no longer be criminal, or that the penalties would be lessened or that the laws would not be enforced. This is just what the Democrats have enacted making voter fraud tactics legal where they can and easier to commit.

Still, we have a fighting chance for an actual choice. The Republican slate of Glenn Youngkin (Governor), Sears (Lt. Gov) and Miyares (Atty. General) all embrace strong good values, courage and commitment to undoing the damage caused by the radical and extreme Democrat Party. This is a strong, balanced and diverse slate and one that can win in a landslide if only clean and legal votes were counted. The good news is that we know the threat of voter fraud and counter measures are being taken that will offset segments of the fraud. The counter measures are strong and meaningful. Many good groups demanding legal and clean elections are involved. There is a united and powerful coalition working to ensure voter integrity. It is hoped that at the end of this election, that the criminal syndicate that occupies power in Virginia will be dealt a crushing blow. If that happens, it will be a day to celebrate in saving our state and may be the beginning of the end for the bad guys who have taken over power in Virginia. It may just be the victory that leads the nation to removing the dark and radical Democrat Party from power and begin the work towards undoing the terrible damage inflicted on our Republic.

With Strong Resolve & Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party