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A Nightmare for Employers

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Have you read the Virginia Human Rights Act? In 2020 it expanded safeguards to include unlawful discrimination in employment because of sexual orientation and gender identity in addition to other characteristics. HB2155 expands upon illegal discriminatory practices to include workplace harassment. It includes physical, verbal, pictorial, auditory or visual, whether in person or by transmittal and includes “any conduct that is humiliating or degrading and whether the conduct reflects stereotypes about individuals in the protected class”. A single incident [...]

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The Law by Bastiat

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Leftist have always talked as if their ideas were the wave of the future. But their ideas are as old as mud. Anyone who thinks Leftist ideas are new simply doesn’t know that those ideas have failed in the past. Not just today in Venezuela and Cuba, or in the recent past like the Soviet Union. They failed in the aftermath of the French Revolution, and again in the revolutions of 1848. Socialism and communism have been around for more [...]

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Virginia Tea Party Supports Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House

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  Jim Jordan is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus, the most conservative members of the House of Representatives. Now this great friend of the tea party has the chance to become the Speaker of the House and provide our country with fresh leadership.  Leadership that will support President Trump, build the Wall, fix illegal immigration, and make America Great Again. But your Congressperson needs to hear from You!  Below is the contact information to all the Republican Congressperson in [...]

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September 22nd Summit Meeting Recap

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What did you miss at our latest summit meeting? Read all about it!

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