Calls needed ASAP to assure passage ….. 1st floor vote today
About The Bill
is a constitutional amendment that will safeguard your property rights from state and local government and corporations, as well as ensure just compensation in circumstances when land must be taken for legitimate public uses. Please contact the Committee members below to offer your SUPPORT for HJ693. For more information see the General Assembly’s LIS system:

Latest News
HJ693 was voted on today by the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee. It was reported from the Privileges and Elections with substitute by 1 vote (8-Y 7-N). The vote was mostly along party lines with Creigh Deeds

[D] and Phil Pucket [D] braking from their party.
Next Steps
There will be a Full Senate Vote tomorrow, Wednesday, February 16th.

Action Items
Contact your Senator and ask him to SUPPORT this bill. Use the “Who’s My Legislator” tool to find contact information.(below)

Suggested Talking Points:
– Private property rights are fundamental to individual liberty
– Private property rights guarantee the free exercise of our other civil liberties
– We need to make sure that Kelo-type takings can never happen in Virginia because it’s wrong for the government to take property
from one person and give it to someone the government prefers
– Owners should be compensated for the full impact of a taking
– We need an amendment to make sure the protection of private property is permanent
– Passage of this amendment is necessary to bring stability and predictability to the right of Virginians to own private property free of
overreaching uses of the power of eminent domain.

Please call Senators and ask them to vote NO on any amendments and to vote YES on the bill without amendments.

Telephone List
Member Name<>DistrictPartyCapitol OfficeDistrict Office
Barker, George L.39D(804) 698-7539(703) 303-1426
Blevins, Harry B.14R(804) 698-7514(757) 546-2435
Colgan, Charles J.29D(804) 698-7529(703) 368-0300
Deeds, R. Creigh25D(804) 698-7525(434) 296-5491
Edwards, John S.21D(804) 698-7521(540) 985-8690
Hanger, Emmett W., Jr.24R(804) 698-7524(540) 885-6898
Herring, Mark R.33D(804) 698-7533(703) 729-3300
Houck, R. Edward17D(804) 698-7517(540) 786-2782
Howell, Janet D.32D(804) 698-7532(703) 709-8283
Locke, Mamie E.2D(804) 698-7502(757) 825-5880
Lucas, L. Louise18D(804) 698-7518(757) 397-8209
Marsden, David W.37D(804) 698-7537(571) 249-3037
Marsh, Henry L., III16D(804) 698-7516(804) 648-9073
Martin, Stephen H.11R(804) 698-7511(804) 674-0242
McDougle, Ryan T.4R(804) 698-7504(804) 730-1026
McEachin, A. Donald9D(804) 698-7509(804) 226-4111
McWaters, Jeffrey L.8R(804) 698-7508(757) 965-3700
Miller, John C.1D(804) 698-7501(757) 595-1100
Miller, Yvonne B.5D(804) 698-7505(757) 627-4212
Newman, Stephen D.23R(804) 698-7523(434) 385-1065
Norment, Thomas K., Jr.3R(804) 698-7503(757) 259-7810
Northam, Ralph S.6D(804) 698-7506(757) 818-5172
Obenshain, Mark D.26R(804) 698-7526(540) 437-1451
Petersen, Chap34D(804) 698-7534(703) 349-3361
Puckett, Phillip P.38D(804) 698-7538(276) 979-8181
Puller, Toddy36D(804) 698-7536(703) 765-1150
Quayle, Frederick M.13R(804) 698-7513(757) 483-9173
Reynolds, Wm. Roscoe20D(804) 698-7520(276) 638-2315
Ruff, Frank M., Jr.15R(804) 698-7515(434) 374-5129
Saslaw, Richard L.35D(804) 698-7535(703) 978-0200
Smith, Ralph K.22R(804) 698-7522(540) 206-3597
Stanley, William M., Jr.19R(804) 698-7519(540) 721-6028
Stosch, Walter A.12R(804) 698-7512(804) 527-7780
Stuart, Richard H.28R(804) 698-7528(804) 493-8892
Ticer, Patricia S.30D(804) 698-7530(703) 549-5770
Vogel, Jill Holtzman27R(804) 698-7527(540) 662-4551
Wagner, Frank W.7R(804) 698-7507(757) 671-2250
Wampler, William C., Jr.40R(804) 698-7540(276) 669-7515
Watkins, John10R(804) 698-7510(804) 379-2063
Whipple, Mary Margaret31D(804) 698-7531(703) 538-4097