“Virginia Senate Democrats prove their loyalty to unions over children”

February 16, 2011 (Richmond, Virginia) – The Virginia Tea Party Federation, a coalition of 40 tea party/patriot/912 groups across the state of Virginia, is outraged by the actions of the Virginia Senate Finance Committee yesterday on HB 2314 – Income Tax Credit for Education.  Despite the pleas of parents and students, and the proven effectiveness of such programs in states like Florida, Senate Democrats ignored their constituents and voted in favor of the Virginia Education Association which threatened massive resistance should the measure pass out of committee.

“What is wrong with these people?” asks Mark Lloyd, Virginia Tea Party Federation Chair.  “This bill saves the state money, actually increases the money available for public schools, and gives low income
kids a chance to break the cycle of poverty by giving them an opportunity for a better education than they may receive at their local schools.  Businesses love it, parents love it, and kids love it.  But the unions are terrified that their monopoly would be broken and Senate Democrats know who pays for their campaigns”.

Karen Miner Hurd, Executive Board Member of the Federation puts it this way, “This is incredible.  Louise Lucas (D-18, Portsmouth) and Yvonne Miller (D-5, Norfolk) represent areas with high numbers of low income kids that could really benefit from something like this.  One of the witnesses at the committee meeting, a teenaged girl, actually cried during her testimony about how much this being able to go to a private school from an at-risk school changed her life.  It’s appalling how these two Senators could disregard the needs of their constituents over the demands of the teacher’s union.”

The Virginia Tea Party Federation supports school choice for parents and children.