Our Tea Party freedom movement exploded on the national stage just in the nick of time. Like the cavalry, we arrived when the threat to our Republic was critically dire, spitting fire and brimming with passion. It has been a very engaging and tumultuous journey, and now, in our 10th year, we should take stock in what we have done, what we are doing and what we look to do. We should also look to one another. Many of us have made really great and enduring friendships forged in the crucible of strife and historic meaning. Some of us have made great enemies from the battlefields in the streets as well as in the great halls of our representatives. Some of our enemies only revealed themselves when we rose and stood resolute for our Constitution and our Republic. And unfortunately for a few, some of our enemies were found within the confines of our closest friends and families. There have been some great victories that we will savor and some crushing defeats that will always leave a scar, but through all of this, there have been few regrets for our rising and taking a stand for our country.

It’s our 10 anniversary and we will be gathering together June 22nd for our Tea Party Summit. This is now our time. We need to take measure with one another and celebrate our warrior spirit that has been so resilient and steadfast over the years. We continue to bear the banner that remains held high for any American who seek the eternal values of truth and freedom on which this nation was founded.

I encourage all patriot groups to use this time now to look back at achievements and good works. It is always good to take stock of the good done and proclaim them. During these gatherings at your meetings as well as in our Summits, we should affirm and acclaim all that we have done and sacrificed during this our 10th year anniversary. I encourage you to send us your stories with pictures so it may go beyond the confines of your battlefields.

Our story is not over and has not yet been honestly told, but if there’s ever a case of who should tell it, it has to be us. The media and their minions need not apply.

In Sincere Gratitude for the great effort and good works,

Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party