The 2019 10th Anniversary Virginia Tea Party Summit was a wonderful and spirited event. I am very proud of the good hard work invested in providing an event worthy of our 10th anniversary. It was the priority for your executive council that we deliver something special and I am very proud to report that it was mission accomplished. The feedback from the faithful came overwhelmingly positive.

We have a great team, a historic freedom movement and a good network of natural allies that formed a strong support for this summit. Thank you all for your support and participation. And participate you did, with much of the summit being dedicated to practical and pragmatic presentations/workshops that we set to practice as we learned in real time during the summit. In addition, great speakers from American Majority, Freedom Works, the Virginia Defense League even from the media in the name of Epoch Times, a media source that is daring to practice truthful and honest journalism, made the day engaging and valuable. Our keynote speaker, Stephen Moore, President Trump’s economic advisor was truly the icing on the cake with his substantive knowledge and his position in the White House as well as his presentation that was easy and engaging to follow and understand.

The day was uplifting and positive.

Thank you for helping make this summit a worthy one. We will take on the formidable challenge of making our next summit equal to or even surpassing this one.

With Abiding Appreciation and Gratitude,

Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party