On Wednesday January 6th 2021, over a half a million Americans gathered to peacefully rally and petition their government to honor and protect our election from fraud and corruption, and to restore the integrity of the 2020 vote. It was a gathering of good and decent people. They came forth as the best of our nation and shouldered the responsibility of petitioning our representatives to protect our elections and ensure that our vote was clean and legal and the election open and transparent. They gathered in hopes of preserving our Republic for all Americans.

The over half million rallied as they have done for the last decade. They were of good spirits and positive despite the abuses, threats and violence inflicted on them over the last decade. They are the best of America in so many ways. The DC mayor removed the hundreds of portable bathrooms during the night from around the Washington Monument. The restaurants were shut down and the food truck vendors were banned. She acted in ways that are indefensible for a mayor to treat Americans depraving them of access to bathrooms, food and water. The weather was sub-freezing with a strong north west wind of 20 mph and gusty. The grounds were soggy and the cold crept through the moist grounds through shoes and socks after 6 hours of standing out in the elements, but throughout all of this, the crowd remained in good spirits.

President Trump was masterful in presenting the case of massive coordinated voter fraud on an epic historic scale throughout the nation and in particular, in the 6 contested states. The evidence was compelling and irrefutable. It reminded all of the efforts by the major media organs and the social media platforms to suppress, shutdown and censored the fact and evidenced from ever reaching the light of day. At the end, the president asked the faithful to present themselves to the Capitol peacefully. We are and have always been law abiding and supporters of police, so there was no issue about the right to petition our representatives on the matter of protecting our vote and the results of the 2020 election. WE looked restoration of the vote of millions of legal voters.

The violence and mayhem that occurred was not connected in any way to President Trump or the patriots that assembled. As Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party, I condemn lawlessness and violence that occurred at the Capitol as I have condemned the violence, looting, arson, assaulting, killing that our nation suffered through all last year by the left-wing hate groups like Antifa and BLM.

So we who assembled for this DC Stop the Steal MAGA rally are proud of our participation and involvement and condemned the incidents of violence that distracted from our good faith effort to protect the voting rights of all Americans and to seek restoration of the millions of legal votes that were negated in the voting fraud operations conducted and orchestrated by the democrats.

No regrets from the many who attended. I applaud all those peaceful and conscientious patriots that gathered on Wednesday and I am proud to be counted among the faithful who stood that day before our President and our Congress. I was honored to be able to help bring a group from my area and neither they nor I ever regretted that decision to come to DC and make a stand for our Republic.

I love our nation and our freedoms. It is a fading hope, but it remains my sincere desire that we Americans can recognize one another as Americans once again.

May God Bless and Keep all of you and may He grant our nation cleansing of the evil that was inflicted on our nation and on our elections and make it so that America is made Great again.

With Resolve and Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party