Remember a time when the good guys in the end would win each and every time. Now, while it’s true that overcoming the bad guys could be a real horror show, the good guys still would triumph in the end. In America, that seemed as hard and fast a rule as any in physics class. But, have you noticed that over the last couple of decades, a troubling trend has emerged? The bad guys are winning. The good guys are losing. The Clinton crime family has been a beacon for successful criminal behavior without consequences for ever. Pelosi continues to cackle her way into domination of government as she destroys the very institutions that gave her great wealth and power. China Joe, before his 1st day in office, threatens to become the most corrupt politician in American history surpassing Obama and even the Clintons for criminal and subversive behavior. It is said that the people get the leaders they truly deserve. Has America really become this dark and evil?

We have been told that America has been great, because Americans have been good. I do believe we remain a good people. And a good people did not elect the candidates of crazies, looters, traitors, terrorists and criminals into power. No. The growing body of evidence profoundly indicts the Democrat party of massive violations of American voting rights, collusion with foreign enemy powers to affect the 2020 election and the systemic degradation of the integrity of our vote in their quest to secure power. We the people have had our vote stolen. We know it. The media knows it. And the Democrat party knows we know. If the results of this election as manufactured by Democrat crime bosses are allowed to stand without backlash, then we the people will be rendered powerless in our governance because, we the people, did not actually vote these leaders into office. If the Democrat party came into power on a giant tidal wave of illegal ballots and an array of Dominion voting fraud machines, then actual voters would have had very little to do with their election. The American voter would become yet another victim to left-wing cancel culture. We the People would no longer determine who gets elected. It will be the Democrat crime bosses financed by enemy countries (like China) that now will determine our leadership. If we allow the 2020 election to be legitimized without objection and the Democrat party prevails with the voter fraud, America will never again enjoy a free, open and honest election. Ever.

We are now an occupied nation. The political crime syndicate (the Democrat party) has taken over power. Democrats speak openly of reeducation camps, retributions and purges against all those who do not share their political views. Already, America is enduring the crushing of protected freedoms and rights as we witness our freedom of speech being silenced by the social media fascists. Our freedom of association has been crippled for almost a year and so has our right to properly redress our grievance before our elected officials. In many states, the Constitution has been unofficially suspended with no end in sight. The most devastating of these abuses is the systematic degradation of our election integrity. The very heart of our Republic was torn out when the mountains of evidence of massive voter fraud operation was blocked from even being heard by the American people by the courts. Just the exploration of the evidence had already been shut down by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. Although the evidence was irrefutable, the courts, incredibly, blocked all evidence from being heard. The theft of our election was wide open. The level of fraud ended up being extensive and heavy handed, such was the extent of the Trump lead in the battleground states. The Democrats know what they did to take the White house and the Senate. They know that we know and that the world knows. If they can commit such an egregious crime against the American people, can there be anything that they can’t do for fear of consequences or failure?

Are there those of us who still stand with the promise of America? Who still loves the meaning of our constitution, our rights and freedoms? Who still embraces our Republic? For those who still do, we stand as the remnants of the promise and the spirit that has always been America. It remains our right and our duty to ensure that our nation is freed from abuses of governmental power and to influence the American people to once again recognize our nation as the land of the free and the home of the brave. For us to get to that place, we must be strong, resolute and connected with one another as a collection of individuals and across a coalition of organizations. It is only from that strong position, can we be heard and not silenced, and it is only from this place of strength where we can act with real impact. The time is now. The battle for our Republic has begun.

With Faith, Resolve and Conviction,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party