We are an occupied nation. We’ve witnessed the ending of our Republic with the successful theft of millions of legal votes and with that, the coup that has been ongoing for 4 years finally achieved success. The Democrats have stolen into the halls of power with the capture of the Presidency and Congress. The senate and the presidency owe its allegiance and power not to We the People, but to Democrat crime bosses who determined the outcomes of the 2020 and 2021 elections. They also were arguably responsible for the results of the 2018 mid-terms with the loss of the house being given to the Democrats. The 2018 voter fraud was just a dress rehearsal for the 2020 big show. Those in power now owe allegiance to neither Republican nor Democrat voter. WE likely didn’t vote them in nor as of now, can ever vote them out. America, this is what Cuba, Venezuela and most 3rd world country elections look like. This is how a free people lose a Republic.

The worst people in the world who mean America great harm had a dilemma. The rolling out of the hammer and sickle and posters of Chairman Mao were not catching on with the American public, so what to do. They needed cover. So, they looked at the 2 parties and determined that the one most conducive to communism, anarchy, lawlessness, immorality and criminal culture was the Democrat party. And so, they infiltrated the ranks of the Democrats from the 1960s and finally took over in the 70’s. In the following decades, they relentlessly purged all the good, moral and decent people from the party. Their intolerance and their commitment to their anti-American dogma made clear that any conservative or moderate or even liberal democrat that did not embrace their scorched earth mindset to politics would not have a place in the party. The support of the Clinton Crime family throughout his corrupt presidency exposed how extreme the party had become. Even more ominous, the media and pop culture were exposed as to the depth of their allegiance to the party. In 1999, Zell Miller a long-time Democrat national leader was so alarmed by the Democrats separation from decency and patriotism, that he wrote a book titled a National Party No More. Since that book was written over 20 years ago, the Democrat party has devolved into a movement that more resembles fascism than any American party.

The Clintons were sociopathic criminals whose politics frequently seemed guided by the acquisition of wealth. Obama was an extreme radical with deep socialist roots whose policy decisions time and again seemed at radical odds with our Constitutional Republic. His lawlessness was a means to advance that agenda. Biden is a creature of lawlessness and corruption which appears driven by insatiable greed of a lifetime of public office and an ideology that is not only toxic to our American heritage but increasingly to any semblance of sanity. His illegal regime born of massive voter fraud appears poised to surpass both Clinton and Obama in terms of utter destructiveness to our Republic and to the unity of our people.

Over 10 years ago, the same sense of impending doom descended over our nation. It was then that a freedom movement arose out of nowhere to recapture our freedom and our American spirit. We were able to fight back. Now it’s time for another awakening. It is time for our American spirit to rise and counter the great evil that has captured our nation. We need to impose clean and honest elections. We need to get rid of all the illegal voting fraud machines everywhere and put people in jail for violating the voting rights of millions of Americans. This must be front and center and it must be done for America to have any chance of being a Republic again. We begin as we begun. We demand to have representation through legal, clean and open elections. This is the best and only place to start in restoring our nation. It is the best starting place and it would only be the beginning for us and beginning of the end for that dark fascist cancer that has overtaken our nation.

With Resolve and Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party