Now. It is time to finish it. This is the election that finishes it, one way or the other. It’s coming down to this election going on now through Nov. 7th. It is now that we set the stage for all the toxic left-wing legislation passed to be purged. It is the culmination of all the hard work that the good people winning those elections over the last couple years finally gets decided. This election will be the culmination of those efforts. It is now that those forces that waged war against parental rights and endangered our children find out whether those policies are supported. It is now that those forces that violated the integrity of our elections by removing safe guards like voter ID, and championing ballot harvesting, extended voting seasons, wide open drop boxes and mail in ballots, will find out whether people support the loss of all these elections safe guards which were once in place but then removed by the left. It is now when we find out whether the violent lawlessness that has been cultivated by the left will face a backlash from those who still support being a nation of laws and not of mobs. It is now that we will find out whether the left will find success for their extreme policy of killing babies both in the womb and out. It is now we answer the question of whether the inflationary economic disaster that the left has inflicted on this state and the nation will be costly to their hopes for power. And it is now that we decide whether we still have a Republic or whether left wing insanity, mob rule and lawlessness will rule the day in Virginia. It is now that we finish it. One way or the other, it ends this Nov. 7th. History now calls all good people to account and impose their will in this election. It is time for their voices to be heard again. It is time for us to restore law and order and sanity in our politics and protect our children from the threat of perversion, racism and Marxist propaganda in the classroom. It is time for good people to continue to rise and be a force to be reckoned with and fight for what is good. Time to save Virginia and in saving Virginia in 2023, we may save our Republic in 2024. WE can make history. Time to finish the job. Now.

With Appreciation and Resolve,
Nelson Velez