This was the year. The was to be the election that finished it. One way or the other it would end this year. It was always fated to end with the outcome of the 2023 elections. It was hoped that with all this work by so many good people over the past couple of years, we all would enjoy the good and enriching fruits of an overwhelming victory against bad guys loaded with toxic policies. Toxic policies that have caused great suffering and would be purged in the aftermath of voting the left wing crazies from office. This goal was what kept most of us on the battlefield. But one way or the other, it was going to end. But on election day, it just ended badly for Virginia and maybe for our nation.

In recent years, responding to the serious threat of the radical left’s policies in our legislature, there has been a good strong surge of good people joining good groups in ever growing numbers. These groups have all witnessed some terrible and radical changes ushered in by the left and, as a natural consequence, they began with great urgency to band together, coordinate schedules and events and pool resources and expertise. Strong coalitions of natural allies were formed. A formidable army of the willing had worked well together in unity. These efforts, along with good messaging on good policy, should have resulted in landslide wins. Especially when the left has embraced such overwhelmingly criminal and destructive positions. From support of rioting, looting, violence of left-wing groups destroying businesses, churches and historic monuments and art, to waging war on parental and family rights, to championing criminals and making law enforcement more difficult or impossible to defend and protect society, has all been front and center kitchen table issues. That, along with the threat from our open borders, the war against US home grown energy independence, soaring inflation and out of control spending are all ripe issues for a great reckoning against the democrat party that has brought all this raining down on our nation. That reckoning did not ever materialize despite good candidates, sound positions on issues and the damage to all of us by democrat policies. If that wasn’t bad enough, the top 2 leadership positions in the General Assembly are now occupied by Don Scott, who last resided at the Louisiana State Pen for drug trafficking. He was so notorious, that law enforcement targeted him as the kingpin in the drug ring they busted and argued for the maximum sentence in his trial. The other, the infamous Louise “The Mob Queen” Lucas led rioting to destroy a historic monument which led to the near fatal injuries of a young man and placed her constituents at risk. She also sued her own constituents twice and now threatens to sue the voters for a third time. We almost had a porn queen elected! Imagine, we almost had a porn queen, in addition to a drug kingpin, a mob queen elected to the General Assembly! Just think of the juicy photo op possibilities. The democrats have done just about everything possible to not ever get elected into office. They actually need to be kept away from our children. And yet, last Tuesday they gained in power. Really. Who is actually voting for these people. Is it apathy and voter fraud, or is there something really bad happening to our culture and our people.

So now, what to do? Well, we can all go home and wait till the left-wing mob comes kicking down our door and drag us all out into the nether land (which they will do, remember the 2020 riots and what our FBI has been doing to good people?). Or we can stand our ground and marshal our forces with our winter warriors along with hoped for new converts to the threat and evil of the radical Left. As for me, I will continue the fight, I will not stand down, I will not shut up and I will not back off. They’ll just have to knock me off to stop me. I will support and embrace all the work of all good groups with all the good people and continue the good fight for whatever time I am blessed to have. We have our Virginia Tea Party Summit scheduled in just a couple of weeks. It is a good time to stand unbowed and be counted and unite with good groups and people throughout the state. It’ll be the best of times to demonstrate to one another that we are not alone and remain united and steadfast. The Virginia Tea Party will have our Against All Odds Summit this December 2nd, 2023 at the Richmond Sheraton Airport. Please join us for this crucial gathering of patriots. Details and tickets for this summit is at our website at and the link for info and for tickets is in this newsletter. Join us as we gather the Armies of the Willing.

With Resolve and Appreciation,
Nelson Velez