It is the lull before the great storm. It is coming, but for now, it is a time of peace before the calamitous and historic crucible that will be 2024. The coming year is a year that will decide once and for all whether we can stop the insanity and lawlessness of the criminal left and restore our Republic or whether our noble efforts will be ultimately defeated and our great nation continues its descent into darkness and corruption. We have been a great nation, but the bad guys are assuming overwhelming control over all levels of life and living…and with that power, the center of our Republic and its moral compass cannot hold. The terrible extent of the corruption of our culture and politics have been debated about for several years, but there is a sense of finality with the coming of 2024, that resonates with many with a sense of dread. But while we are in 2023 and in the midst of the holy Christmas season, we owe it to ourselves to make this a time for all of us to enjoy family, friends and rekindle our faith in God in all things. So take this time to seek out the good and the sacred. Devote time to your loved ones. And gaze upon all that is good in our world and make those wonderful endearing memories at every opportunity. This is a time to enjoy the good and the beautiful, they’ll be plenty of time for what awaits all of us in 2024, but for now, let’s go out and enjoy the season goodness and hope.

With Christmas Wishes & Blessings,

Nelson Velez