A year ago, to the month, we were mesmerized by the Chinese spying machine floating over our nation. Remember. The spy balloon owned the skies as it drifted over national security areas with nary a care in the world. Nothing could be clearer to the nation and the world that the election thief in the White House was beholden to our Chinese enemies. His lucrative bribery operations funneled through his lawless junkie son, was a price that was being paid for by all of us. Never in US history has there been so damning an indictment of a President on the world stage. And so began 2023. And the lawlessness and insanity of it all just continued to go downhill from there. Three long years of damage, suffering and destruction. It is long overdue that we finally correct the evil that was 2020.

This is what happens when we allow election thieves to steal elections. Our nation cannot stand as a Republic if we allow Democrat crime bosses determine our elections. There has been no consequence to the 2020 election fraud. But the good news is that we can overcome the rigged elections. For those who have given up, remember, the Democrats had rigged the elections in Va. and we still overcame the fraud, all our media disadvantages and the huge disparity in money in 2022. Now our nation faces maybe her last chance to save our Republic.

The elections of 2024 look to be consequential, historic and our last best chance for the good guys to win. We have this election to put a stop to the crazies and the criminals that populate the Democrat party and restore our Republic, but it will take us reaching out to our friends, family and reaching deep into our acquaintances to bring them to vote and maybe get them involved early (like now) to help the good people get elected. This year, if we lose, there will be no “better luck next time or “we have to try harder in the next election”. It is this year or bust. It is you, me and us to restore the Republic and purge the lawless and the insane from power. And whatever we do and however we do it, victory happens this year. Time to reconnect with the good people and groups and roll up your sleeves and begin the process of winning. It is January, the countdown begins. We have 9 more months to make history and save a nation. And in the clearest and determined fashion, the winning begins now.

With Resolve and Faith,

Nelson Velez