Have you noticed that the question of what it would be like if the US ever became like Cuba, Venezuela or any other banana republic is rarely asked anymore. It is as if we don’t need to ask that question. That question is not asked maybe because it has been answered in horrific fashion over the past decade. Remember the rioting by roving left-wing thugs attacking, burning, terrorizing, looting, and killing with impunity without any concern that there would be consequences. That violence was more like a real insurrection during 2020 where 66 innocent Americans were killed and the White House itself was surrounded by rioting thugs when Trump was in office. What was once tragic violence that always had been local incidences, now has become a national thing where thugs can get bused throughout the nation and riot as the need arises and be immune to any prosecution from the police, FBI, DOJ or any law enforcement. The left, from the lowest street thug to President Biden seemingly enjoys a blank check to do whatever they want and not have to worry about being charged. We have witnessed the FBI and the D.O.J. become left-wing political institutions to provide cover for any and all crimes by Democrat leaders from the crime families of Hillary and Joe down to organized street gangs like ANTIFA and BLM. Meanwhile, pro-life pastors that are praying near an abortion mill get arrested and sentence for years, parents who raise their voices to protect their children become accused of being domestic terrorist and patriots who rose to stop the left from stealing the presidency and disenfranchising the vote of millions of honest American voters in the 2020 election get thrown in a DC gulag. Their rights as Americans have been disregarded in profound and indefensible ways. And the courts, like the Colorado Supreme Court, betrays our trust and abuses their power to prevent our nation from voting for someone they don’t like. So they make up a crime that was never committed and use a civil war provision that was never meant to be used to block a candidate to run for president. This is indefensible and is a level of judicial corruption that needs to be punished.

The irony is that the left that steamrolls over the rights and due process of countless Americans, have the gall to accuse anyone on the right as being fascist. It is like a serial wife beater who constantly complains of being abused accusing the wife of doing the very thing he is doing to her. Of course, for this to ever work, it would take a village. That’s where CNN, PBS, NY Times, Wash. Post, Facebook, YouTube, etc. comes in. They are the village idiots who provide the cover that make this work as much as it does. My fervent hope is that the American people will tire of their gas lighting and misinformation and defund them by turning towards media outlets that are not corrupt and dangerous to the Republic. And the good news is that those outlets are out there and growing.

If we can overcome all of the evil that the left has embraced in our politics, media and in the corruption of our elections, and win decisively this year, then there has to be a great accounting for the damage, suffering, corruption and abuse of power from that left-wing village. Without consequences, these bad guys of the left will just reset and bring our nation down again and again. It is the bad guys in the media, courts, district attorneys, the FBI, D.O.J., IRS and the rest of the federal government deep state that must be exposed and prosecuted. For all of us, we need to continue to earnestly talk to those good people we know that have been too busy to be bothered, too sleepy to keep up and too afraid to act. Those talks must be in full blossom now and not in October. 2024 is our best chance for the good guys to win and probably our last real chance to restore our republic and bring real justice back to our nation. This time around, losing may likely spell the end of our freedom movement, but winning will be just the beginning of the great and noble effort to restore what was lost and bring back what is good to our nation.

With Resolve and Faith,
Nelson Velez