My Letter to the News and Advance

I’m writing to express my disgust at what took place at City Hall in Lynchburg on Tuesday night. Round 2 of the hearings to decide if the building inspectors should be given police powers ended with a 4 to 3 vote in favor of the idea. This in spite of the overwhelming opposition from residents. This was not a Tea Party issue, it was a constitutional rights issue. The Fourth Amendment is our God given right against “unreasonable” search and seizure. It is an issue that crosses all party lines. Or should. I’m grateful to H. Cary, Jeff Helgeson and Turner Perrow who voted against.

Overwhelmingly residents spoke in opposition to this proposal. Yet “Mommy Knows Best” Mayor Foster had other plans. Not only does Lynchburg have the highest (11.5%) tax in the nation on food when you eat out. They also have property taxes almost 3 times higher than surrounding counties.

Now to top it all off Mayor Foster and her gang of tyrants has decreed that hither swarms of officers may now eat out your sustenance.

This bad bill has been made worse. A building inspector can now drag you before a judge. It bypasses the civil court system. It wastes your time. It gives power where the city deserve and need none.

It wasn’t enough that in the 70′s the city stole millions of dollars in revenue generating land through annexation? Now all those residents that used to live outside of the reach of this nonsense must now submit to tyranny?

To that I say: Campbell, Bedford and the surrounding counties are open for business.

Lynchburg has some really nice neighborhoods and lots of history. It’s a shame that council members are more interested in their agendas than in representing the people. We are working to flip the Virginia Senate this year. Over the next few years it is time we flipped the Council! Joan Foster,Ceasor Johnson, Mike Gillette and Randy Nelson we look forward to removing you in the years ahead.

Kurt Feigel – President
Lynchburg Tea Party