For Immediate Release                              December 5, 2012

Contact: Mark Daugherty                                    540-885-5627

Email:                    540-255-1431

Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Demands That Speaker Boehner Reinstate House Committee Members Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert

(Richmond, VA) – “The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation demands that House Speaker John Boehner reinstate House Committee members, Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp to the House Budget Committee, and David Schweikert to the House Financial Services Committee, immediately,” said Mark Daugherty, Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Chairman.  “While serving on these House committees, Congressmen Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert  have provided fresh ideas and solutions to the federal government’s financial problems that are much-needed at this time of financial and economic crisis.”

The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation recommends that all Virginians who care about the economic direction of the country stop and take time this week to contact Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  “Conservative budget and tax reform solutions are the fundamental antidote to the federal government’s chronic overspending and borrowing.  Congressmen Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert have been major assets to the House committees, and their immediate reinstatement will benefit all Americans,” added Mr. Daugherty.

Contact information:
Speaker of the House, John Boehner: (202) 225-0600
Office of the Majority Leader, Eric Cantor: (202) 225-4000

The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation is a coalition of 44 independent Tea Party and Patriot groups that stand for individual liberty with personal and fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally-limited government, and free market principles.

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