We now enter one of those final battles, yet again. The fog of the primaries has cleared and we know with whom our final hopes lie. We seem to have descended to a place where we constantly face final elimination in every round of elections these last few years. In the last gubernatorial election, had Youngkin not prevailed, everything would have fallen apart for our state and maybe our nation. Things would have worsened for all of us. And that election was rightfully thought of as our last best chance to save our state. Had it gone badly, the effect on the armies of the good and the willing would have been catastrophic with many good and strong warriors finally giving up in despair. In the years following that Virginia Miracle, we have achieved some measured success, but all the work, all the sacrifices, all the blood, sweat and tears come down to this Nov. election. Not winning the state senate and holding the house would render all that was achieved and all the progress meaningless. So this Nov. We finish it. We finish what we started. We finish the Job!

We still have the embedded and institutionalized voter fraud with the mail in ballots, voter harvesting, no ID, extended voting season, not to mention what is still illegal stuffing illegal ballots into ballot boxes, the specter of voting fraud machines, and of course the rise of the countless dead and missing to illegally vote which is a gift that keeps on giving for democrats. And, sometimes, it is the difference between winning and losing. Well, we overcame all that and worse in our Va. Miracle. Actually the obstacles to overcome are considerably less now than we faced in the Youngkin race.

We have won before under worse conditions, and we must win one more time. Losing is not an option. We have rolled out Operation Surgical Strike where we are urging voters who, if they live in a district where the race is considered likely decided for good or ill, then we are stressing that you pivot and work for the state candidate closest to your district. Even if you can’t vote for that person, it is critical that we look to save our state and purge, through this election, the bad extremists who infest our General Assembly and begin the process of cleaning out the obscene and criminal legislation that has so harmed all of us. We are not alone in this. We have a great array of good groups that have joined the battle. We are working together. We have been successful and we have been united for over the last 3 years. We can return Va. back to a stable and good state that protects our elections, our cities, towns and communities from unchecked criminal threats and rioting, and, once again, protect our children, our parental rights and our family’s welfare. We can do all of this, but we must win. So one more time, we go into the breech as campaign workers, candidate supporters, election officers and poll watchers. We need to get involved now. One more time to save Virginia and maybe our victory can catch fire for the rest of the nation and we can save our great Republic!

At this time, we need to close ranks through better communication and teamwork. So, keep up with us as we report on the battle from the front lines in real time. We will issue alerts, notices and inform you on our events and those events and workshops of our good and natural allies. Also, be sure to visit vatp.org where you will find good critical programing in our shows like Splash of Tea, Spot of Tea and SIP of Tea that will bring you good info of our warriors, heroes and good groups that have impact and are successful and what the bad guys are doing and how to counter them. WE are tired and overwhelmed angels, but we are winning against the monsters and the demons. Now, one more time into the brink for God and country. The final fateful battle begins now.

With Appreciation & Resolve,
Nelson Velez