From all vantage points, this upcoming Virginia election will be consequential and historic. It will be that defining election for our state but with the looming election to end all elections in 2024, it will have serious repercussions for our nation. Our election here in Virginia this year will cast a thick shadow on the national landscape, may define the national elections for power and ultimately settle the question on whether the left will destroy all that is America or whether the good guys can still win and restore our moribund Republic. It’s not enough to win, there must be a purge of the corruption that is DC in all levels of government. There must be pain and consequences. Particularly, there must be a reckoning of our law enforcement which has descended to unprecedented and fatal levels of abuse of power and remains a clear and present danger to the people and the Constitution they are duty bound to protect.

There’s is a very real sense of helplessness. Of not wanting to know any of these bad evil things that are flooding our culture and society without blow back. All of this insanity and lawlessness relentlessly choking our nation without a counter from the good people of our nation.

So many who have rose to fight the left, only to have been just torn apart. For that reason, some point to as a viable choice is to pretend everything is fine or to fight a losing battle. Some have resigned to acceptance of lawlessness and insanity. If you can’t beat them…join them.

But there are rumblings of discontent even if you don’t become aware of them. In 2009, the good Americans were left for dead as the left seized control of all branches of government. They never saw the Tea Party coming. It was over. But spirit of America lived in the Tea Party movement and remains pulsing to this day. The Tea Party was never supposed to exist let alone have had such an impact on the national stage, but we did. Since then, there have been smaller but powerful movements that have erupted and caused seismic change.

In our state alone, there have been such powerful backlashes. We had the 2nd amendment movement that advanced sanctuary cities for our right to bear arms throughout Virginia and that packed a paralyzing strike against the left who had believed they had a blank check to do away with that right. The left targeted our children and out of the blue, parental rights groups exploded unto the state and national landscape to protect our children and our future. The left, once again, suffered crippling blows from We the People.

These are just a few examples of regular people coming together and taking charge with impact and success. We do have great rumblings that is just below the surface. Like a volcano, the pressure is deep and building. We are not alone. There are many groups that are fighting against the leftist tide. Some are newly arrived like the parental rights groups and some are veteran winter warriors, like the Tea Party.

So be like a volcano, emerge on a strong bedrock foundation. Engage with others that share your sentiments and later engage those who don’t. Change and impact can happen here; there are many now who hear the rumblings right below the surface and want to avoid serious eruptions, but eruptions must happen sometimes when the crisis is urgent and there’s a need to mobilize. Eruptions can go a long way to establishing the urgency of our crisis and gathering our forces. And eruptions could simply be confronting your city council, school board and your representatives in strong but respectful and factual fashion.

Most of these movements that erupted have their moment of impact for a brief moment in time and then dissipate like so much cotton candy. The Tea Party remains resolute and relevant. We have endured partly because we unite with good natural allies and we work to make them and us strong in coordinated fashion and because we remain steadfast on a Constitutional bedrock of principles and values.

This year we need an eruption on a historic scale. We need to be that volcano that emerges, engages, erupts, and endures. We need you. America needs you. Our children’s hopes, rights and freedoms need you. It is time to beat the bad guys. For America, in 2023, in Virginia, good people need to erupt in overwhelming fashion in our elections, but before then, get involved as poll watchers and election officers to ensure a clean and honest vote. Once again, Virginia is tasked to send a message to our nation. We are the Virginia volcano and the lava is going national. My message to you is to get involved now with the groups of your choice and go extreme volcano!

With Erupting Appreciation,

Nelson Velez