The lawful versus the criminal. The sane versus the crazies. The republic versus mob rule. The sanctity of legal votes and clean elections versus voter fraud and election thieves. Us versus them. You against me. The Good versus evil. The “good versus evil” kind of descriptions have been with us from the beginning of our nation, but today, it appears to be a fundamental truth that it is truly a battle between good and evil with the stakes being our very own rights and freedoms as Americans and maybe the goodness of our eternal souls.

Even at our beginning, terrible schisms plague our nascent unity. We had fundamental differences that were at the core of our argument to rebel against a litany of abuses and usurpations. Though few argued that we were being denied rights that were enjoyed by those in England, there was, nevertheless, an equal split as to what to do about it.

A good 30% was with the patriots who took up arms against British rule after a decades long effort to remedy the issues and reconcile. But an equal 30% of the colonies were against rebellion and viewed the patriots as traitors to the Crown (which they were technically!). The final 30% were on the sidelines waiting for inspiration on their position or just waiting to determine who was winning and then join the winning side. Today, we call these people independents. There were deep divisions, but those divisions were a natural outcome of fears of going to war with your mother country…and losing. Theirs was not a good versus evil view on this conflict.

The Civil War is a complex and multi-faceted topic much discussed and earnestly debated. But there are some common grounds for agreement. There was a split over the issue of slavery and that matter to be resolved by the states individually as is their right, or by the federal government, which in a Republic and a nation of laws, the government has a role in protecting the rights of all of us. That, and trade issues pitting the industrial north against the agrarian south created a powder keg. One which erupted in a civil war. Although slavery lent a moral component to this war, the confederates were not ever really viewed as evil themselves. This conflict gave rise to the Republican party who fought for the rights and freedoms of all Americans and the Democrat party which maintain their strain of racial politics that mandated an exemption to those freedoms and rights. Even after over 100 years, surprising little has changed with the party of identity politics and division.

The divisions we witness during our time seems to be markedly different. Whatever erodes self-evident truths and celebrates outright evil, is actually being advanced by the left to the detriment of the nation. From abortion, to rioting and lawlessness, to open borders, to eliminating parental rights, to celebrating every manner of perversion and evil under the sun, to the systemic violation of the integrity of elections as the left leans more and more on stealing elections than winning them. We even find our freedom of speech and religion under direct attacks from the left. The criminalization of our DOJ, IRS, FBI, the courts have been astonishing. It is shocking how the Democrat party has descended into such evil that they more resemble an all-powerful international crime syndicate than a great and respected American political party.

Winning for our nation is not enough. We have to purge these really destructive movements within our nation and counter their efforts to destroy our freedoms, our Republic, our nation. That beginning of the end comes now. The 2024 election, which will determine if we can revive and restore our Republic, will begin with what happens in Virginia’s elections. Virginia is the only viable state with major elections this year and can serve as a bell weather for what happens to all America in 2024. The left knows what’s at stake and is throwing enormous mountains of money into Virginia races. We need to identify the good and competitive races and support the good guys. Operation Surgical Strike has been rolled out on that premise we should support those candidates even out of our district if they are in viable and competitive races. May we have good outcomes in the November elections and may those outcomes be because the good people came in force to turn the tide for good and turned out the bad. (For details on Operation Surgical Strike. please look at the earlier piece titled Operation Surgical Strike on web site)

With Hopeful Anticipation,
Nelson Velez